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Fish Head Football Team 

6 days, 30 participants, 20 liters of paint and 1 artist. This wall celebrates graduation of the first year 6 from Invicta Primary School. Together with year 6 we created the idea, design and painted the wall. 

Invicta Primary School, London 2022


Thames Jewels

Part of Deptford X Festival, this mural was inspired by the history of Deptford and the little blue porcelain pieces you can find in river Thames. They all create the map of Deptford in heart of London. 

Greenhouse Deptford, London 2019

IMG_1931 (1)_edited.jpg


Something that we all missed during lockdown, ... just being close to family , friends, community is so precious. Devora O'Neill and I choose the bright colours, which not only represent how different and unique individuals are, but also the rainbow image has been adopted by many as a symbol of hope during pandemic.

Deptford, London 2021



Spray paint portrait of my wonderful son Stefan was part of my training with London School of Muralism.

Ladywell, London 2022



We all need to believe that something wonderful is about to happen. Acrylic on glass.

Salvation Army Lewisham, London 2021 


From a small drawing to a big scale 3x3 meters in monochrome. No grid. No stencils. Freestyle portrait of my cat.

Russele Lewisham, London 2022


Bluebird Summer Window

This glorious window was created for the summer window at Chelsea to bring some joy after long lockdown.

Bluebird, Chelsea, London 2021

Woven Together

Painted and designed by London School of Muralism and Artmogers for my final project at the course. It's celebrates the 25th anniversary of 999 Club who are helping homeless people in Delptford.

Childeric Rd, London, 2022



Letting the sun inside with this colorful window installation made with Devora Tancheva. 

The Greenhouse Deptford, London, 2021

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